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Protecting the Protectors

Freedom is something that you have to be willing to protect. General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada is proud to provide the vehicles that have helped protect our freedoms since 1977. Many of our employees in London, Edmonton and Gatineau are former or currently serving military members. It makes what we do personal and underscores our commitment to excellence.

38 Years Protecting Soldiers 38 Years Protecting Soldiers

Creating Jobs for Canadians

As Canadians, security and prosperity are things we have come to expect. General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada and its network of over 500 suppliers across Canada provide jobs in advanced manufacturing, materials and technology that contribute to the economic prosperity of Canada. It is estimated that over 10,000 jobs are sustained in communities annually across Canada, related to activities tied to GDLS-Canada.

Over 10,000 Jobs
Sustained Annually

Expanding a Cornerstone
Of Defence Technology

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada developed the life-saving Double-V hull technology now demanded by the world's leading militaries. This and other uniquely Canadian technological developments were developed by the more than 650 engineers in our London, ON facility.

Over 650 Engineers Located In
Our London, Ontario Facility

Exporting Globally

For several decades, we have contributed to Canada's economy by exporting advanced technology products and services. Canadian Government support has enabled us to develop export markets with Canada's trading partners and allies. When our product competes internationally, we win. In fact, 90 percent of our product is exported, making General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada a valuable contributor to Canada's economy, competitiveness and sovereignty.

90% of Our Product
Is Exported

Building Communities

Our vehicles are the backbone of the Canadian Army's combat vehicle fleet. The people who contribute to building our vehicles are more than the backbone of an industry, they are the heart and soul of their communities. They are the coaches and the cheerleaders, the volunteers and the parents.